I recently experienced the most remarkable denture fitting in my 25+ years journey with dentures. This is my fourth set, and I can confidently say that the quality and workmanship provided by the team at Avenida have been nothing short of exceptional. For decades, I struggled with ill-fitting dentures that often caused discomfort and pain, making daily life a challenge. It felt like an endless cycle of adjustments and discomfort. However, my experience at Avenida was nothing short of a revelation.

From the moment I walked through their doors, I was greeted with warmth and kindness. The staff at Avenida made me feel like a part of their family, which instantly put me at ease. Their genuine concern for my well-being and their commitment to providing the best possible care was evident in every interaction. What truly sets Avenida apart is their unparalleled attention to detail and commitment to excellence. They took the time to thoroughly assess my needs, ensuring that my dentures were customized to fit my unique specifications perfectly. This level of dedication and expertise is a testament to their craftsmanship.

I can hardly express the joy and relief I felt when I tried on my new dentures. For the first time in over 25 years, I experienced a perfect fit with absolutely no pain or discomfort. It was a life-changing moment, and I owe it all to the exceptional team at Avenida.

I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking denture services. Their top-notch quality, unmatched workmanship, and compassionate approach truly make them stand out. Thanks to them, I now have dentures that not only fit flawlessly but also provide me with a newfound sense of confidence and comfort. If you’re looking for denture services that go above and beyond, Avenida is the place to go. They’ve made a loyal and grateful customer out of me, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

– G. Melin

My experience was fantastic. The staff makes you feel comfortable and are very professional. Tyson made my transition from soup to burgers(lol) a painless journey. I would recommend Avenida Denture Clinic to anyone that is need of dentures 👍🏻👍🏻

David Reynolds

Such a professional job! I would recommend these folks, in a heartbeat.

– P Rathbone

My wife and I recently got new dentures from Tyson at Avenida Denture Clinic. We are so happy with the service and the experience. We highly recommend Tyson.

– R & M McKay

Thank you Tyson! 
Very friendly & professional staff. Tyson explained every procedure. Would recommend Avenida Denture Clinic to anyone needing this service.

– J Orton

I had an old worn out denture and Peter completely gave me a new smile. I highly recommend them to anyone.

– M. Schmuker

Avenida is the place to go if you want satisfaction!!! My experience there was very pleasant, compared to past experiences,I found it was easy and the surroundings bright and cheery, so as not to intimidate when new dentures are in your future!!!! Thank you very much Tyson!!

– M. Barnes

“I found the service, personnel, cleanliness, etc. to be very good. I had my dentures replaced just before the pandemic occurred so there was a bit of problem for a while but that was uncontrollable. The clinic was recommended by my friend, M. Barnes. I would recommend them to friends and family.”

– B. kingsmith

“I’ve worn dentures for 60 years and my experience with Tyson is definitely the best I have ever had. The care and attention to the proper fit and look is amazing. I highly recommend Tyson if you’re in the market for new dentures or improving your old ones. Five stars!”

“I am so grateful for all of your help. After a not so good experience at a different place, I came into Avenida Denture Clinic looking for someone to understand what I was going through. I was met with care and concern and decided to get a new set made by Tyson. Today, I left with a new set of dentures and the biggest smile on my face. Your compassion, expertise and friendliness went a long way and I am so incredibly grateful!”

– Darren.M

“I would like to thank Tyson Vettori and his staff very much for such a wonderful experience in getting my new denture. The Avenida Denture Clinic is one of the most professional clinics that I have ever been to. They were always very friendly and I never had to wait for my appointments. I give this clinic a 10 out of 10 and wish them continued success.”

– B. Nicholson

“Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, Peter! I am so happy with my implants and you did a wonderful job on my new dentures, and thank-you to Tim and your staff as well! To have a nice smile is very important to me.”

– Jackie P

“Please pass along to Peter that my new dentures are great – they feel good and look good! taking away that sunken upper lip! Thanks for your help and Peter’s good work.”

– Sara

If I could give them 10 Stars I would. The patience and care that I have received at this clinic is second to none. I got “immediate” dentures, and as expected, I have been back numerous times for adjustments. Each visit Tyson and the staff put me at ease and made adjustments where I asked. Today I am wearing my dentures with total comfort and confidence.
Thank you Tyson to you and your staff, for your professionalism, patience and kindness.

– Heidi V.

When Peter suggested I get mini implants I was quite hesitant. After some time I agreed to have the implants installed. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I can now eat whatever I want with no problem except that I am gaining weight. 
Peter made my first dentures many years ago and I had no problem. Then I moved away and the problems began. Since moving back to Alberta I am so glad that Peter is still around. He is the best!

– Bob C.

Dear Peter and Debbie at Avenida Denture Clinic.
Thank you so much for the awesome service. Even though I have had full dentures since I was 16 years old, I am still very self conscious of them and never have them out around anyone. My previous denture experiences have been in a dental office, in a chair, with traffic walking behind and beside me. I appreciate the fact that I was able to have the service done in a more private environment with a door on the room and no chance of neighbors or friends seeing me. I was also hesitant to go with the suggested changes, including a slightly larger tooth profile, but I am so happy with the end result. My smile is much brighter, my lips look fuller, crease lines are less visible, which in turn makes me look and feel years younger. Thank you so much Peter, you have a very happy client! 

– Lorraine O

I was very afraid of the whole process and Peter and his whole staff were so amazing to work with. His attention to detail was incredible and I was so happy, I ended up with a natural smile. I Highly recommend them!

– S.Kennedy

“Tyson,  I see your passion! you have chosen a great career, this path you are on, will provide a great standard of life, stay focused, enjoy what you do! I wish to thank you for your knowledge, patience and kindness, you extended to me! Many Thanks”


– Woody.B

“My long time Denturist moved away but said no fear, see Peter at Avenida Denture Clinic..I don’t always listen to advise but I am so happy I did. Peter and his team are first class professionals in their field. Every clinic visit was stress free and assuring that I was going to be taken care of…Thank you Avenida team, this will be a life long relationship.”

– G Gould

“Over the years I’ve experienced the work of 3 different denturists – Peter being the fourth. The first 2 experiences were what I call a “fail” because they neither listened to nor heard my concerns, resulting in my top lip almost disappearing under the teeth. The 3rd denturist was great but had moved out of town. Fortunately he recommended Peter to me, saying “Peter is a fantastic denturist.” So off I went, feeling hopeful but nervous.

Peter listened to my concerns, knew exactly what I meant and had the solution. A denturist really has to not only have the proper training but equally important, be an artist able to create a sculpture that suits the structure of your face, even when you have bone loss and wrinkles. Peter is all that. I am very pleased with what Peter created for me. I attended both locations and was made to feel comfortable and confident by all the staff I met. If I’m lucky, I might have another 20 years of life, so Peter – please don’t leave town. Thanks so much. I’ll be back.”

– Leigh A

“Five Stars!

I have been a customer at Avenida Denture Clinic since it opened many years ago. Prior to that I had dentures for many years but they never fit right and they made sores on my gums.

Peter Vettori was able to make dentures that fit very well and were comfortable without making my mouth sore. They are extremely easy to eat any food with and I never worry or think about what I’m going to eat.

Over the years Peter has provided an excellent quality product and superior service in a professional and friendly manner.

I highly recommend them at Avenida Denture Clinic to anyone needing dentures.”

– M. Smith

Peter and his staff are absolutely amazing. From the very moment I contacted them they made me feel at ease and supported. They were very accommodating with appointments and were really understanding when dealing with my anxiety and comfort levels.

Peter has an awesome chair side manner. He was thoroughly committed to making the best dentures for me and was consistently invested in my physical and emotional comfort. He has often gone above and beyond to help and to make sure I was pleased with the outcomes and with their services.

I was hugely anxious about this whole process but thanks to Peter and his fabulous staff it has all turned out really well. After 2 years of problems at another company I now know I am in good hands. Thanks so much Peter!!”

– Paula T

“Well, I hadn’t even got out onto the highway home and I was smiling from ear to ear – thank you once again Peter for making this such a wonderful experience!

I don’t know how you do it, but you are the BEST! Having had several sets of dentures over 45 yrs., I can attest to the fact that all Denturists are NOT created equal.

My last pair that you made were SO good that I kept trying to get the denturists where I was living/working since leaving AB, to make them in the same way, but alas, it was not until I had yet another bad experience that I said that’s it, I am going back to Peter and get them made the way they should be…you have a talent that cannot be equaled, and I have spent a small fortune trying to get what I had, and now I have a new and better set, if that’s possible. I should win the award for the farthest distance your client has travelled to get dentures made!

I shall tell everyone I know about you and thanks to Debbie and working her magic I was able to get it all done in 4 visits – with 3 appointments in one of those days/visits!

You have a great team, and I can’t say enough about you…I look forward to many more years with my new set of teeth!

By the way, I chewed gum for the first hour of my drive home, without any issues, and with great delight!

Thank you so very much!”

– Jody

“During my first appointment at Avenida Denture Clinic, I explained my need for new dentures and the difficulties I was experiencing with my 4 year old original “immediate” dentures. Tyson listened carefully then explained the process of making my new dentures, he kept me fully informed every step of the way.
I attended 6 appointments over a period of six weeks. Tyson ensured the fit and style of my new dentures were exactly what I needed and wanted.
Today I have my new dentures, I am very happy with the look of them, they fit perfectly, and I have not experienced any issues with speech or eating.
The front-end team at Avenida Denture Clinic are very friendly and professional. And most importantly they supported my denture claim by submitting all insurance paperwork directly to my insurance company.

Thank you Tyson, and the Avenida Team for a great experience!”

– Ian G

“Peter Vettori and staff,

I want to say thank you for a most wonderful experience at your denture clinic during my recent visit to Calgary.

After researching local denturists and finding that they all use regional labs to craft the dentures and realizing I would not be very happy with the results. I decided to check back with your clinic, where I had my previous dentures made.

I am so pleased with my decision. After returning home, I realized my initial reaction to the locally made dentures was most founded. Many of my friends and neighbours have received these local dentures and they all look the same-extremely large, straight and shockingly white.

When I look in the mirror I see finely crafted individual teeth in a very realistic and pleasing colour.

It was definitely worth the trip.

Thanks again.

– Bev B.

“I had to make an emergency visit to your clinic this afternoon as a tooth dropped out from my partial denture and I needed a new one. The partial denture was not made by your clinic. The young lady at reception was truly amazing, she said she would check with the technician to see if it could be done. To my amazement he took the partial denture and within 30 minutes I was on my way. In these times of hearing of poor customer service (which sadly you hear of first) I just wanted to let you know how well I was treated and the understanding that they both had with my problem. They are indeed a credit to your clinic and please pass on my sincere thanks. Your clinic will now be my first choice and I will let others know. Cheers.”

– Andy

“Peter has been making my dentures for about 20 years now and I would go to no one else. Having had regular dentures that I had nothing but problems with from the fit to the bite. My first set from Peter not only fit and looked fantastic but I could finally eat anything I wanted. He is an artist and along with his wife Debbie make the whole experience very pleasant. I would recommend Avenida denture clinic to anyone. And am amazed that anyone would go anywhere else as they are simply the best.”

– Trevor

“I would like to take the time to let you know just how much I appreciate you and all that you have done for me. At 49 I found myself without teeth and a severe gag reflex which prevented me from using dentures. Peter, you presented different options for my consideration and in my opinion went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and satisfaction with the end result. You are a fantastic example of what ALL Denturists should be, you truly care about people and do whatever you can to help. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I would without hesitation recommend you.”

– Julie – ALL-ON-4 implant patient

New dentures and implants Nov 28. After one week they are working well and overall I am very satisfied. I need to compliment the staff who are very friendly and helpful and Tim for making me aware of the possibilities of implants and the professional manner he has in his work.”

– Dave G.

“I received my new dentures in February 2014. I had asked Tim to make them as real looking as possible and I am really satisfied with the results. They look and feel awesome. The staff is also very friendly and make you feel welcome as a patient. Thank you to everyone.”

– Gloria

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