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Avenida Denture Group Has the Answers for that Natural Smile!

Avenida Denture Group provides custom denture solutions in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Denture over implant options available, Avenida is ready to help you find your smile again. Visit us to find out why people are smiling at Avenida Denture Group.

Avenida Denture Group performs various services for men and women needing dentures or implant help in Calgary. Our denturists will soon have your confidence restored in your looks and your self-confidence restored in your ability to chew thoroughly without pain or discomfort. Come to the denturist Calgary loves!

Our Services Include:

Complimentary Assessments

Please call for you complimentary assessment and one of our Denturists will be more than happy to discuss any and all questions you may have about dentures.

403-225-2991 ext 1
Glenbrook SW location

403-225-2991 ext 2
Avenida SE location

Alberta Health Care (AHC) Benefits for Seniors
Important information about AHC group 101 for seniors
please direct all inquires to ADSC 1-800-232-1997


Wheelchair Accessibility
Please call either of our 2 locations for an adjustment or check-up, an appointment is required, no walk appointments permitted.

403-225-2991 ext 1
Glenbrook SW location

403-225-2991 ext 2
Avenida SE location

Complete/Partial Dentures




Our Priority is Inspiring Your Confidence

Are your dentures loose or uncomfortable? We can help! Our highly trained and dedicated staff can improve the adhesiveness for your current dentures or construct new ones that will fit you better and be more comfortable for you to use. Our denturist can explain their features more in detail during your appointment. Learn more about them here.

We Restore Your Smile and Promote Self-Knowledge

Our dentures are specially made to look as natural as possible, and will suit you at any age. We will take very good care of you. We’ll help you through the process and make sure that you are educated on what you need to know about your dentures or implants. Best of all, these procedures take place in our comfortable modern office so you will feel relaxed throughout the entire process.

Please contact us for information regarding new implant treatments.

We’ve Earned a Positive Reputation

Avenida Denture Group is known for excellent service, quality products and complimentary follow-up care. Our owners and staff work hard to see that you are happy with the results of their work. Visit our Testimonials page to see what our past clients are saying about us.

New Patients Welcome - No Referrals Necessary

Glenbrook Denture Clinic

206-3715 51st Street SW
Calgary, Alberta  T3E 6V2

Avenida Denture Clinic

209-12445 Lake Fraser Dr. SE
Calgary, Alberta  T2J 7A4